Is There a Rat in the Room?

Let us start off by saying that we fully stand behind the story we posted on October 24th regarding the unrest in the Montreal Canadiens dressing room. Our source in this case is a well respected insider and we have no reason to question the validity of the information received.

In recent weeks, there have been many fans and media types alike who have been questioning the decision making of Canadiens’ coach, Jacques Martin. One of the most questioned trends is the coach’s use of forward Mathieu Darche on the power play. Considering he’s only scored 3 power play goals in 195 career games, there are certainly more viable options on the roster. Even the use of Travis Moen would be more palatable, considering he’s currently the team leader in goals (4).

A very credible source in the Montreal media called me Sunday morning with their explanation. They believed that the reason for Darche’s special treatment is that he is constantly on the arm of Jacques Martin. Multiple players have told our source that Darche is always in the coach’s office, reporting on things that are said amongst players in the locker room, and it could be causing a rift between them. Could this be true? Is this the answer to all those pesky questions surrounding Jacques Martin, Darche and the team’s poor play recently? The source also disclosed that Darche remains in very close contact with his former McGill Redman coaches, Martin Raymond and Guy Boucher, currently with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If this situation is the primary reason that a 4th line player is getting significant power play minutes on a struggling Habs power play, then it further puts into question the credibility of the Canadiens’ coaching staff.

Our sources, as with any whistle blower that does not want the attention, will remain anonymous. This ensures that we will get more information when it becomes available.



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